Do You Need a Transmission Repair?

Common Transmission Problems include: 


  • Is your overdrive light stuck on or flashing?
  • Is your transmission temperature light on or flashing?
  • Is your check engine light on?
  • Is your transmission not shifting properly?
  • Do you feel slips or irratic shifting?
  • Do you feel harsh engagements when shifting from park into gear?

If you answered yes to any of the above, there may be a problem with your transmission.

You may need a transmission repair, transmission rebuild, or something more simple such as a transmission service or band adjustment. Most Transmission Overhauls (complete transmission rebuild) can take up to 1 - 3 days for repair, while a simple transmission repair, such as a band adjustment could take up to 45 minutes. We specialize in all types of transmission repair and have all the tools, equipment, and staffing to meet your auto repair needs.

As the Charlotte area's Transmission Repair and Transmission Rebuild specialist, we can help you with all your transmission needs.